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And than

Today not.Earlier all doctors recommended to kidney patients there are many watermelons, and today we know cases when the kid who for the first time tried a piece of a watermelon dies of a sharp renal failure it is poisoned with herbicides.And than today to feed children if sausage, for example, contains nitrates, substances with cancerogenic properties?Every year habitat therefore changes for the worse, also approach to food and treatment of children has to be changed.The exit from the created situation is necessary, it is impossible to wait for that already today or tomorrow pipes will cease to smoke in the cities, the steam of cars, throwing out exhaust gases in air will disappear, dumping of industrial wastes to the rivers will stop, will forbid to use substances, harmful to the person, in agriculture and in the food industry.

Shook, the clairvoyant

ZAPRYATKI Clarity, pryaslo, viands, wrist, hlyastik.Where hides pyast?WITH THE ACCENT AND WITHOUT ACCENT ON THE SYLLABLE ONELINES The butcher has meat viands.It became clear that everything is clear to clairvoyants.Shook, the clairvoyant shook a belt and shook out.For the yastrebky a hawk, for a hawk a yastrebenok.ZAPRYATKI Examination, butcher, yastrebok, waist, explanation.Where the belt hides?THE EU THE EU THE EU WITH THE ACCENT ON THE SYLLABLE CHISTOGOVORKIPERECHISLYALKI Eseses, eseses Dough, dagger, interest.


Similarly, if someone wanted it, anybody would not interfere with it.All pupils come from the families which are not recognizing orthodox Christian dogmas and actually none of them never showed any interest in religion.Without any stretch it is possible to tell: many Christian principles are embodied in practice of this school, and there is a lot of such that any Christian would approve.Naturally, in two days of inspection it is impossible to estimate consequences of total absence of religious training.

These problems

Inspectors had opportunity to visit one meeting in the first day of inspection.Observance of time of the release established by parliament and control of circulation on kitchen in not put time were the main subjects of discussion.These problems were discussed very vividly and freely, reasonably and impartially.Though also it seemed to us that a lot of time was spent on absolutely fruitless reasonings, inspectors nevertheless are inclined to agree with the director that the experience of the organization of own life gained by children is much more valuable, than similar losses of time.

That is really

As will start sobbing violently, so though in a loop climb.Here that we to them a tummy will also calm!Besides a milk pump and small bottles Dima brought to me to maternity hospital and a sterilizer.That is really valuable thing, I was convinced with Dasha.But then I did not have it it was a pity to spend money, and this time appeared.In my opinion, the sterilizer is very necessary in maternity hospital no, of course, small bottles and a milk pump can and be rinsed under the crane, but all the same it is unsafe.

Mixtures of the letters

Mixtures of the letters designating akustikoartikulyatsionno similar consonants We will allocate different options of mixture of consonants: mixtures of paired ringing and breath consonants p, d t sh, z with, in f to.These mistakes were sa my widespread and from total number of mixtures with vowels made Examples: powdered zabo roshit; a grass Drava; a side пок; sniffed vyrknut; mixtures of the concordants similar in an education place d, l and, with sh, t t p d, with sh, z d N, to x, r l, sh h.

The plant

For example, We go to the grandmother or On the way to kindergarten.Riddles on the road Does not fly, does not buzz The bug down the street runs, Also burn in the opinion of a bug Two brilliant sparks.The plant gave it to it: And fires to look in darkness, Both wheels, and motor, Rushed that at full speed.Car The house down the street goes, For work us it is lucky.Not on kury thin legs, And in rubber boots.Bus What is, guess: Not the bus, not the tram, Does not need gasoline, Though wheels on rubber.

To observe

To ask the child, whether he knows, what season now?To ask to call preceding summer and the season, subsequent to summer.To observe together with the child summer changes in the nature.To acquaint the child with names of summer months.Consider pictures on which the winter and summer are represented.Call signs of these seasons.Make the comparative story according to pictures.Tell exercise in a word.

In the world

In the beginning I forced to become firm then soft.After that placed fingers under her head and told: I will count to three and I will take away fingers.And you will see a red circle.Counted to three, at it it turned out to see a red circle, both yellow and blue.It could also present the sky and clouds.I was surprised.In the world of subconsciousness it is full of images.Than more deeply you plunge into this world, especially more brightly distinctly you will see images.

In my this

Therefore I will not be.I will tell only that it is necessary for the best reduction of a uterus, for healing of seams and at problems with a breast.Procedure useful, painless and short.By the way, about reduction of a uterus.In my this stay in maternity hospital I was convinced how it is strictly necessary to carry out all actions registered by the doctor and to go to physical therapy, and not to pass pricks of oxytocin.And I passed thought, as without them at me everything will remarkably be reduced!

One simply

At discussion of this situation patients reveal, how many options an explanation.One simply did not hear words of the Bean.Those who was not sure to what his question belongs, did not want to interrupt pleasant conversation that to find out it.According to Bob, its silent that?expressed concern: he was a little familiar with a conversation subject as parapsychology not its area, and he did not like to speak about about what almost knows nothing.The bean was not lonely among those who tried to deceive himself.

In the beginning

Therefore about one year it is better not to give a white cabbage, green cucumbers, beans at all.It is better to soak carrots, potatoes, vegetable marrows in water enough half an hour in the beginning, and then to cook.It is obligatory to enter a parsley root into food it needs to be made.In the beginning take a few components for preparation of mashed potatoes: parsley root, carrots, one potato, piece of a vegetable marrow.Weld all this, add vegetable oil to a teaspoon for a full portion.

In each part

Board games PICK UP THE MISSING PICTURE Equipment: the cardboard square cm x cm divided into four equal parts.In each part figures are drawn: from above red and green triangles, from below red circle, one sector empty , cm x , cm.To fill empty sector, cards with a green triangle, a red triangle, a green circle and a blue circle see prilozh are offered children.No.Equipment: sets of cards cm x cm, on everyone are drawn and pasted three pictures , cm x , cm and the place for the fourth is left.

In them it is possible

In them it is possible to observe bright manifestations of Defects of a structure of the text, a leksikogrommatichesky underdevelopment, not formation of syllabic structures; workbooks on mathematics.In them it is possible to find manifestations of insufficiency of spatial representations and to reveal orientation problems on a sheet of paper; for the analysis of written language of the senior school students the notebook on one of subjects isto rnn is necessary, for geography, for laboratory works on chemistry or physics.

Tell, what

Brought animals to a zoo: crocodile, hare and giraffe.Help to lodge these animals in cages, convenient for them.Tell, what animal in what cage should be lodged.In case of difficulty the teacher suggests children to construct cages of bricks and to lodge animals in these cages.After practical activities of children ask to tell, what animals in what cages they lodged and why.THE TASK WHO WHERE LIVES?Equipment: two big pictures: on the first the house yard on which the places of residence of animals are drawn: on the second wood where the places of residence of wild animals are also represented; cliches with the image wild and pets; envelopes see prilozh.

She very

In the beginning result it was not visible.But when she was years old I was surprised how quickly it absorbed, that I gave it.It can easily retell the book which I just read to it.It happened when she was years old I gave her the English dictionary with pictures.She very much became interested in it, she turned pages every day so far the dictionary did not tear.I took away it on examination of the fifth level when she was years old.It told me that could visualize the correct answers.

And still

Yes what there fights!I on the former felt only easy tension in a stomach.And still say that after an izlitiya of waters painful reductions begin!Where they?But, on the other hand, there are examples of that the uterus neck in childbirth reveals without serious consequences.Perhaps it just my case?Especially childbirth that at me the second.Well, how feelings?the doctor asked me.Yes especially any.Already passed two fights, and I gathered was to get out of a bed, as suddenly The bottom of a stomach was pierced by severe pain.

And the childs

Sammerkhill gave to my Jimmy that education which I for it wanted James Shend because really believed in need of freedom for children simply told.However we could never accept children of poor people.And it is a pity because we had to limit the research by children of middle class.And the childs nature sometimes is quite difficult looked through behind big money and expensive clothes.When the girl knows that to the twenty first birthday she will become the owner of a considerable state, in it it is hard to find her childrens essence.

It is similar

The extremely timid person in the depersonalized crowd loses the identity and becomes only object of a social scene.To be dissolved in lump the only way of protection against world around.It is similar to how children try to hide when the teacher asks difficult questions.However when the timid person becomes object, for it there is only one way to force kogolibo to treat him seriously it is a way of violence and destruction.If you do not play with me, I will destroy your sand fortress, then you learn who I am such.

Take balls

Sharikinyrki Age: years.Number of players: Balls from a pingpong also empty boxes from kindersyurpriz or usual traffic jams will approach the most entertaining toys for bathing.Kids very much like to observe how the sunk balls quickly emerge on a surface.Take balls and throw at once everything into a bathtub: the child will catch them.This occupation develops coordination of hands.Throw a clothespeg into the purpose Age: let.Number of players: Put at some distance from the child a basket, and let him throw in it clothespins, trying to hit the mark.


It can be a consequence of limitation of the ideas of world around which arose due to various reasons.To conduct profound examination of a lexicon, it is necessary to capture inspection rather big massif of lexicon not less than lexical exercises.LANGUAGE The phrase is wellknown: language is means of human communication.But only whether by means of language the child communicates with the world?After all communications, we want that or not, begin in the first day of his life.

Therefore, the speed

Movement of eyes, that is motor component of sight, in the course of reading takes about of all time.Other of time it is the share of an identification of the look seen at the moments of fixings, that is of a Gnostic component of sight.Therefore, the speed of reading depends on the volume of information apprehended for a short time fixings.The experimental data obtained by various researchers by method of takhistoskopichesky presentation of information testify that the volume of instant visual perception is equal to , units.


a Spring what?early, warm, longawaited.Sun what?.Kidneys what?.Leaves what?.b The sun in the spring that does?heats, burns, caresses, warms.Leaves on trees that do?.Streams that do?.Consider pictures.Explain a word meaning ice drift.Speak this word on syllables.Tell exercise on the contrary: Finish offers.In the winter snow pure, and in the spring .

Any child

The Toy Store is so cruel as far as it is fine.Any child in the world is not insured from failures, nervous shocks and emergence of shyness.Most often only parents can save the kid from a negative.Of course, education, a maximum of attention and care are major elements of a growing of the child.But the name more resembling a nickname or too exotic or, on the contrary, outdated, can enter the child into such stupor that isolation will become for it a usual state.

Modern behaviourists

even the thief and the beggar, irrespective of his talents, calling, abilities, bents and race of his ancestors.Modern behaviourists say that shyness is the fixed fobichesky reaction to social events.This fixing can be result of the following prerequisites: the previous negative experience in communication with people in certain situations, both at direct contact, and at supervision over failures of others; lack of the correct social skills; fear of own inadequate behavior and, as its consequences, constant concern on correctness of the actions; recognitions, eventually, own inferiority: I am timid, A penny to me the price, I will not be able to make it, I want to mother!

Then change

Sit down on one of them and imagine that the first person from your list sits opposite to you.Talk to it, shout at it, accuse him of all the problems.Then change chairs and answer as if you were this person.Turn a back to the first chair and explain to the imagined audience why you feel timid near this person.Then trade places again and answer as, on your representations, your opponent would answer.If only I was not timid … Feel comfortably and close eyes.


And at you too.functions of bodies of an articulation Structure: without features; without deviations in a structure.Are estimated: Shcht size; integrity; deviations in a structure which can cause defects of a sound pronunciation.Condition of motive functions: motive functions of a sokhranna: existence of the expressed paresis, paralyzes, violations of a tone.Are specified: character, expressiveness degree, at rest, at motive loadings; what bodies of an articulation, from what party.

She embraces

Your child too will be able to reach it if you become him the qualified instructor.Touch, trust and tenderness You caressed the child today?Rosita Pérez raised a question on the poster.She embraces the children and hopes that we did not forget to embrace the because it is good for all.The scientist James Prescott went further he investigated a problem of physical contact on the scale of historical development of the separate nations.Its researches showed that cultures with the minimum physical contacts are more aggressive, than other, I the people who are not recognizing close physical contacts with others punish violators of the law more rigidly, demand the death penalty for criminals, are more intolerant and authoritative.

In successful

Discussion was led by the former prostitutes.They interviewed street prostitutes, what worked in hotels and in brothels.In successful evening each of them served on average about six men.Some managed to find only two clients while in more brisk places the number of clients reached twenty people for one night in less industrial part of the area.When the interrogated asked to estimate percent timid among their clients, they called about .Some prostitutes noted that practically all their visitors were timid while only two specified less than .

The teacher

Of course, on the first occupations the tiny Chinese woman simply slept or cried, then mother left it to feed in a corridor.The teacher spoke: Let simply so far looks.Other problem at the most senior boy he constantly goes on a class so the unfortunate parent should or support him and with it to go, or periodically to try to return it to a table and to the teacher to perform some tasks.The teacher treated behavior of this child quite philosophically: If the child wants to go, let go, only you, fathermother, pay his attention to different subjects and forms, call subjects, plants, etc.

On it procedure

However, if you do not convince parents of the correctness, your recommendation of the direction of the child in educational institution will hang in midair as parents have the right to ignore your words and to arrive as they consider it necessary.In conclusion of conversation the issue of need of repeated inspections and their frequency is resolved.On it procedure of inspection comes to an end.Smile at parting to the child and his parents.Let at them everything will be good.

Now inhale

Here we reached on the wings.We in a flower.We get the tubule and we drink honey.Try honey and tell, what it on taste.Stories with imagination for this purpose tell: today I will play the world of stories, the world of voobrazheniye.Close eyes and deeply inhale.Now inhale so deeply as will be able.Exhale as it is possible more strongly.Again inhale.Inhale collect so much oxygen, how many will be able.In too time present as a large amount of positive energy passes through yours of a foot.

The works

They found the application and in researches of violations of reading.The works of the Greek scientist of G.Th.Pavlidis directed on studying of movements of eyes at children with a dyslexia oftalmokinez are of interest.It used the equipment described above for tracking of movements of eyes.The author considers that the pathological type of formation of an oftalmokinez in ontogenesis is the reason of developing of a dyslexia.According to experimental data of G.

Check, in what

This person will retell it to the following and so on, on a chain.Then track, in what it turned.Check, in what and how distortion in words, labels, stereotypes, Izz of forgetfulness began, an incorrect combination of concepts, untimely accents?Then give written retelling on the same chain.Again our purpose to show as easily retelling is distorted that people feel and as they say to us that feel.Give to the first person the following written scenario: You were killed with lots of bad news for the last some days: an illness of relatives, work loss or failure kakogoto an important issue, that it was not succeeded to achieve the objectives or that your favourite the child or the spouse ran away.

Then the doctor

And after all they, looking after cows daily, meet the cattle having cow smallpox.Then the doctor imparted to people contents of bubbles of cow smallpox and proved that at the imparted immunity to natural smallpox is developed.The material taken from bubbles of cow smallpox was called a vaccine from the Latin word vaccina in translation: cow.It is a lot of years later, according to the offer of the Moon of Pasteur, all preparations warning diseases began to call vaccines.

The teacher, looking

Occupation course.The teacher, looking at the picture, suggests children to pick up the toy similar to the represented figure.It shows according to one picture from a set.Asks children in turn, this figure is similar to what toy, pays attention to that children did not repeat answers of each other.Then asks everyone to find the toy similar to a figure.Children bring toys to a certain figure, the teacher asks them to call all toys and checks correctness of performance of a task.

When darkened, children

In the afternoon Lida and Lena walked with calfs or went to the wood.In the wood they ate raspberry, watched young foxes, bathed in small falls.When darkened, children drank milk with bread and instantly fell asleep.Days flied behind days and merged in a week.Only seven days were Lena and Lida in the far village.But what long this week seemed to them!IN THE PLANE Kakto twins of Roofing felt and Kohl flied by plane to Antalya.

At the first

Number of players: It is possible to play game in two ways.At the first way it is necessary to cut out from paper two circles red and green: the child will have them in the car.When you drive up to the traffic light on which red light burns, tell the child: The car stopped because light red.Lift, please, a red circle.When on the traffic light green light is switched on, tell the child: Now we will go as green light was switched on.You can lift a green circle?

It cannot

One of manifestations such aggressive sexual attack female intimacy.Anonymity of the tyrant and the bezlichnostny nature of violent sexual intercourse safety of sexual liberation for those men who have to win when not The mentality of the tyrant has much in common with mentality of the extremely timid man who is afraid of the woman and intimacies of human sexuality.It cannot be with the woman therefore replaces human sexuality animal, bestial.As the vandal destroying subjects which he cannot estimate or divide the tyrant profanes the woman and beauty of love.


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