The teacher, looking

The teacher, looking Occupation course.

The teacher, looking at the picture, suggests children to pick up the toy similar to the represented figure.

It shows according to one picture from a set.

Asks children in turn, this figure is similar to what toy, pays attention to that children did not repeat answers of each other.

Then asks everyone to find the toy similar to a figure.

Children bring toys to a certain figure, the teacher asks them to call all toys and checks correctness of performance of a task.

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When darkened, children

When darkened, children In the afternoon Lida and Lena walked with calfs or went to the wood.

In the wood they ate raspberry, watched young foxes, bathed in small falls.

When darkened, children drank milk with bread and instantly fell asleep.

Days flied behind days and merged in a week.

Only seven days were Lena and Lida in the far village.

But what long this week seemed to them!

IN THE PLANE Kakto twins of Roofing felt and Kohl flied by plane to Antalya.

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At the first

At the first Number of players: It is possible to play game in two ways.

At the first way it is necessary to cut out from paper two circles red and green: the child will have them in the car.

When you drive up to the traffic light on which red light burns, tell the child: The car stopped because light red.

Lift, please, a red circle.

When on the traffic light green light is switched on, tell the child: Now we will go as green light was switched on.

You can lift a green circle?

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It cannot

It cannot One of manifestations such aggressive sexual attack female intimacy.

Anonymity of the tyrant and the bezlichnostny nature of violent sexual intercourse safety of sexual liberation for those men who have to win when not The mentality of the tyrant has much in common with mentality of the extremely timid man who is afraid of the woman and intimacies of human sexuality.

It cannot be with the woman therefore replaces human sexuality animal, bestial.

As the vandal destroying subjects which he cannot estimate or divide the tyrant profanes the woman and beauty of love.

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