On it procedure

On it procedure However, if you do not convince parents of the correctness, your recommendation of the direction of the child in educational institution will hang in midair as parents have the right to ignore your words and to arrive as they consider it necessary.

In conclusion of conversation the issue of need of repeated inspections and their frequency is resolved.

On it procedure of inspection comes to an end.

Smile at parting to the child and his parents.

Let at them everything will be good.

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Now inhale

Now inhale Here we reached on the wings.

We in a flower.

We get the tubule and we drink honey.

Try honey and tell, what it on taste.

Stories with imagination for this purpose tell: today I will play the world of stories, the world of voobrazheniye.

Close eyes and deeply inhale.

Now inhale so deeply as will be able.

Exhale as it is possible more strongly.

Again inhale.

Inhale collect so much oxygen, how many will be able.

In too time present as a large amount of positive energy passes through yours of a foot.

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The works

The works They found the application and in researches of violations of reading.

The works of the Greek scientist of G.


Pavlidis directed on studying of movements of eyes at children with a dyslexia oftalmokinez are of interest.

It used the equipment described above for tracking of movements of eyes.

The author considers that the pathological type of formation of an oftalmokinez in ontogenesis is the reason of developing of a dyslexia.

According to experimental data of G.

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Check, in what

Check, in what This person will retell it to the following and so on, on a chain.

Then track, in what it turned.

Check, in what and how distortion in words, labels, stereotypes, Izz of forgetfulness began, an incorrect combination of concepts, untimely accents?

Then give written retelling on the same chain.

Again our purpose to show as easily retelling is distorted that people feel and as they say to us that feel.

Give to the first person the following written scenario: You were killed with lots of bad news for the last some days: an illness of relatives, work loss or failure kakogoto an important issue, that it was not succeeded to achieve the objectives or that your favourite the child or the spouse ran away.

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Then the doctor

Then the doctor And after all they, looking after cows daily, meet the cattle having cow smallpox.

Then the doctor imparted to people contents of bubbles of cow smallpox and proved that at the imparted immunity to natural smallpox is developed.

The material taken from bubbles of cow smallpox was called a vaccine from the Latin word vaccina in translation: cow.

It is a lot of years later, according to the offer of the Moon of Pasteur, all preparations warning diseases began to call vaccines.

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