Then change

Then change Sit down on one of them and imagine that the first person from your list sits opposite to you.

Talk to it, shout at it, accuse him of all the problems.

Then change chairs and answer as if you were this person.

Turn a back to the first chair and explain to the imagined audience why you feel timid near this person.

Then trade places again and answer as, on your representations, your opponent would answer.

If only I was not timid … Feel comfortably and close eyes.

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Condition And at you too.

functions of bodies of an articulation Structure: without features; without deviations in a structure.

Are estimated: Shcht size; integrity; deviations in a structure which can cause defects of a sound pronunciation.

Condition of motive functions: motive functions of a sokhranna: existence of the expressed paresis, paralyzes, violations of a tone.

Are specified: character, expressiveness degree, at rest, at motive loadings; what bodies of an articulation, from what party.

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She embraces

She embraces Your child too will be able to reach it if you become him the qualified instructor.

Touch, trust and tenderness You caressed the child today?

Rosita Pérez raised a question on the poster.

She embraces the children and hopes that we did not forget to embrace the because it is good for all.

The scientist James Prescott went further he investigated a problem of physical contact on the scale of historical development of the separate nations.

Its researches showed that cultures with the minimum physical contacts are more aggressive, than other, I the people who are not recognizing close physical contacts with others punish violators of the law more rigidly, demand the death penalty for criminals, are more intolerant and authoritative.

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In successful

In successful Discussion was led by the former prostitutes.

They interviewed street prostitutes, what worked in hotels and in brothels.

In successful evening each of them served on average about six men.

Some managed to find only two clients while in more brisk places the number of clients reached twenty people for one night in less industrial part of the area.

When the interrogated asked to estimate percent timid among their clients, they called about .

Some prostitutes noted that practically all their visitors were timid while only two specified less than .

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The teacher

The teacher Of course, on the first occupations the tiny Chinese woman simply slept or cried, then mother left it to feed in a corridor.

The teacher spoke: Let simply so far looks.

Other problem at the most senior boy he constantly goes on a class so the unfortunate parent should or support him and with it to go, or periodically to try to return it to a table and to the teacher to perform some tasks.

The teacher treated behavior of this child quite philosophically: If the child wants to go, let go, only you, fathermother, pay his attention to different subjects and forms, call subjects, plants, etc.

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