LANGUAGE It can be a consequence of limitation of the ideas of world around which arose due to various reasons.

To conduct profound examination of a lexicon, it is necessary to capture inspection rather big massif of lexicon not less than lexical exercises.

LANGUAGE The phrase is wellknown: language is means of human communication.

But only whether by means of language the child communicates with the world?

After all communications, we want that or not, begin in the first day of his life.

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Therefore, the speed

Therefore, the speed Movement of eyes, that is motor component of sight, in the course of reading takes about of all time.

Other of time it is the share of an identification of the look seen at the moments of fixings, that is of a Gnostic component of sight.

Therefore, the speed of reading depends on the volume of information apprehended for a short time fixings.

The experimental data obtained by various researchers by method of takhistoskopichesky presentation of information testify that the volume of instant visual perception is equal to , units.

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Leaves a Spring what?

early, warm, longawaited.

Sun what?


Kidneys what?


Leaves what?


b The sun in the spring that does?

heats, burns, caresses, warms.

Leaves on trees that do?


Streams that do?


Consider pictures.

Explain a word meaning ice drift.

Speak this word on syllables.

Tell exercise on the contrary: Finish offers.

In the winter snow pure, and in the spring .

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Any child

Any child The Toy Store is so cruel as far as it is fine.

Any child in the world is not insured from failures, nervous shocks and emergence of shyness.

Most often only parents can save the kid from a negative.

Of course, education, a maximum of attention and care are major elements of a growing of the child.

But the name more resembling a nickname or too exotic or, on the contrary, outdated, can enter the child into such stupor that isolation will become for it a usual state.

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Modern behaviourists

Modern behaviourists even the thief and the beggar, irrespective of his talents, calling, abilities, bents and race of his ancestors.

Modern behaviourists say that shyness is the fixed fobichesky reaction to social events.

This fixing can be result of the following prerequisites: the previous negative experience in communication with people in certain situations, both at direct contact, and at supervision over failures of others; lack of the correct social skills; fear of own inadequate behavior and, as its consequences, constant concern on correctness of the actions; recognitions, eventually, own inferiority: I am timid, A penny to me the price, I will not be able to make it, I want to mother!

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