She very

She very In the beginning result it was not visible.

But when she was years old I was surprised how quickly it absorbed, that I gave it.

It can easily retell the book which I just read to it.

It happened when she was years old I gave her the English dictionary with pictures.

She very much became interested in it, she turned pages every day so far the dictionary did not tear.

I took away it on examination of the fifth level when she was years old.

It told me that could visualize the correct answers.

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And still

And still Yes what there fights!

I on the former felt only easy tension in a stomach.

And still say that after an izlitiya of waters painful reductions begin!

Where they?

But, on the other hand, there are examples of that the uterus neck in childbirth reveals without serious consequences.

Perhaps it just my case?

Especially childbirth that at me the second.

Well, how feelings?

the doctor asked me.

Yes especially any.

Already passed two fights, and I gathered was to get out of a bed, as suddenly The bottom of a stomach was pierced by severe pain.

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And the childs

And the childs Sammerkhill gave to my Jimmy that education which I for it wanted James Shend because really believed in need of freedom for children simply told.

However we could never accept children of poor people.

And it is a pity because we had to limit the research by children of middle class.

And the childs nature sometimes is quite difficult looked through behind big money and expensive clothes.

When the girl knows that to the twenty first birthday she will become the owner of a considerable state, in it it is hard to find her childrens essence.

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It is similar

It is similar The extremely timid person in the depersonalized crowd loses the identity and becomes only object of a social scene.

To be dissolved in lump the only way of protection against world around.

It is similar to how children try to hide when the teacher asks difficult questions.

However when the timid person becomes object, for it there is only one way to force kogolibo to treat him seriously it is a way of violence and destruction.

If you do not play with me, I will destroy your sand fortress, then you learn who I am such.

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Take balls

Take balls Sharikinyrki Age: years.

Number of players: Balls from a pingpong also empty boxes from kindersyurpriz or usual traffic jams will approach the most entertaining toys for bathing.

Kids very much like to observe how the sunk balls quickly emerge on a surface.

Take balls and throw at once everything into a bathtub: the child will catch them.

This occupation develops coordination of hands.

Throw a clothespeg into the purpose Age: let.

Number of players: Put at some distance from the child a basket, and let him throw in it clothespins, trying to hit the mark.

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