One simply

One simply At discussion of this situation patients reveal, how many options an explanation.

One simply did not hear words of the Bean.

Those who was not sure to what his question belongs, did not want to interrupt pleasant conversation that to find out it.

According to Bob, its silent that?

expressed concern: he was a little familiar with a conversation subject as parapsychology not its area, and he did not like to speak about about what almost knows nothing.

The bean was not lonely among those who tried to deceive himself.

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In the beginning

In the beginning Therefore about one year it is better not to give a white cabbage, green cucumbers, beans at all.

It is better to soak carrots, potatoes, vegetable marrows in water enough half an hour in the beginning, and then to cook.

It is obligatory to enter a parsley root into food it needs to be made.

In the beginning take a few components for preparation of mashed potatoes: parsley root, carrots, one potato, piece of a vegetable marrow.

Weld all this, add vegetable oil to a teaspoon for a full portion.

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In each part

In each part Board games PICK UP THE MISSING PICTURE Equipment: the cardboard square cm x cm divided into four equal parts.

In each part figures are drawn: from above red and green triangles, from below red circle, one sector empty , cm x , cm.

To fill empty sector, cards with a green triangle, a red triangle, a green circle and a blue circle see prilozh are offered children.


Equipment: sets of cards cm x cm, on everyone are drawn and pasted three pictures , cm x , cm and the place for the fourth is left.

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In them it is possible

In them it is possible In them it is possible to observe bright manifestations of Defects of a structure of the text, a leksikogrommatichesky underdevelopment, not formation of syllabic structures; workbooks on mathematics.

In them it is possible to find manifestations of insufficiency of spatial representations and to reveal orientation problems on a sheet of paper; for the analysis of written language of the senior school students the notebook on one of subjects isto rnn is necessary, for geography, for laboratory works on chemistry or physics.

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Tell, what

Tell, what Brought animals to a zoo: crocodile, hare and giraffe.

Help to lodge these animals in cages, convenient for them.

Tell, what animal in what cage should be lodged.

In case of difficulty the teacher suggests children to construct cages of bricks and to lodge animals in these cages.

After practical activities of children ask to tell, what animals in what cages they lodged and why.


Equipment: two big pictures: on the first the house yard on which the places of residence of animals are drawn: on the second wood where the places of residence of wild animals are also represented; cliches with the image wild and pets; envelopes see prilozh.

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