Mixtures of the letters

Mixtures of the letters Mixtures of the letters designating akustikoartikulyatsionno similar consonants We will allocate different options of mixture of consonants: mixtures of paired ringing and breath consonants p, d t sh, z with, in f to.

These mistakes were sa my widespread and from total number of mixtures with vowels made Examples: powdered zabo roshit; a grass Drava; a side пок; sniffed vyrknut; mixtures of the concordants similar in an education place d, l and, with sh, t t p d, with sh, z d N, to x, r l, sh h.

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The plant

The plant For example, We go to the grandmother or On the way to kindergarten.

Riddles on the road Does not fly, does not buzz The bug down the street runs, Also burn in the opinion of a bug Two brilliant sparks.

The plant gave it to it: And fires to look in darkness, Both wheels, and motor, Rushed that at full speed.

Car The house down the street goes, For work us it is lucky.

Not on kury thin legs, And in rubber boots.

Bus What is, guess: Not the bus, not the tram, Does not need gasoline, Though wheels on rubber.

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To observe

To observe To ask the child, whether he knows, what season now?

To ask to call preceding summer and the season, subsequent to summer.

To observe together with the child summer changes in the nature.

To acquaint the child with names of summer months.

Consider pictures on which the winter and summer are represented.

Call signs of these seasons.

Make the comparative story according to pictures.

Tell exercise in a word.

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In the world

In the world In the beginning I forced to become firm then soft.

After that placed fingers under her head and told: I will count to three and I will take away fingers.

And you will see a red circle.

Counted to three, at it it turned out to see a red circle, both yellow and blue.

It could also present the sky and clouds.

I was surprised.

In the world of subconsciousness it is full of images.

Than more deeply you plunge into this world, especially more brightly distinctly you will see images.

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In my this

In my this Therefore I will not be.

I will tell only that it is necessary for the best reduction of a uterus, for healing of seams and at problems with a breast.

Procedure useful, painless and short.

By the way, about reduction of a uterus.

In my this stay in maternity hospital I was convinced how it is strictly necessary to carry out all actions registered by the doctor and to go to physical therapy, and not to pass pricks of oxytocin.

And I passed thought, as without them at me everything will remarkably be reduced!

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